Life is Beautiful Together

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In our story, the efforts of a father who tries to prevent the love of his son's own daughter from a friend whom he had a little problem with, despite being an old friend, are included.Mr. Kemal (İLYAS SALMAN).Murat who is ready to do everything to reach his lover and Ayşe who gives response to this love even though she abstains from her father turns the story that settle a matter amicably via power of love to movie . Despite having a problem with her father ,Murat who asks for the Ayşein marriage heaps of times can't overcome Mr.Kemal's stubborness. Murat, whom Kemal Bey dismissed at every turn and does not want to see around his house, takes advantage of his absence every time and manages to meet with his love Ayşe, especially when he goes to the coffeehouse. But Mr.Kemal has no intention to give up his obstinacy. Murat is tempted by his vigilant friend and sometimes attempts to ask for the Ayşe in marriage by disguising.Naturally,Mr.Kemal realises the situation and Murat's plan gets out of hand . Even , as a last resort,Murat elopes with Ayşe by agreeing before .However they think over and then gives up by thinking Mr. Kemal's getting sad. In the face of the power of love ,Mr.Kemal's obstinacy spoils .Theme of not supposed to avoid lovers because of personal affairs is processed.In our story , unıty of family is unspoiled and finally happines is ensured altogether.


Directed by Mehmet Secgil

Written by Mehmet Secgil

Produced by Mayaz Productions

Cast Oyuncu