Faces of the 47th: The Art of Activism

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Availability ended 11/9/2020 EDT
In 2018, Oklahoma was ranked 47th nationally in overall education funding. After the massive teacher walkout that shuttered schools for two weeks, Sarah Agee, a self-described scrappy mom, decided that the lack of adequate funding for public schools was unacceptable and became an activist through art. Sarah organized a historic statewide art installation of portraits of 47 public school children to encourage citizens and politicians to vote pro-education.


Directed by Cacky Poarch

Written by Cacky Poarch

Produced by Cacky Poarch

Cast Sarah Agee
Neil Chapman
Representative Kendra Horn
Mayor David Holt
Senator Carri Hicks
Robbie Kienzle
Krystal Brewer
Denise Duong
Abby Clark